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Kawai K-600 piano. Auditorioihin, kouluihin ja konserttisaleihin.

Piano kaikkein parhaimmista pianonrakennusmateriaaleista valmistettuna vaativaan ammattikäyttöön.

Ensiluokkainen äänen laatu

Kawai K-600 piano 134cm musta kiiltäväThe K Series upright pianos offer a level of tone quality and performance that rivals many grand pianos. With sturdy construction for years of reliable service, the K Series models are excellent for auditoriums, schools and other institutional settings.

Värit: Musta kiiltävä

Hinta: Musta kiiltävä 10.900 EUR

– hintaan sisältyy piano, luovutushuolto, viritys, Alv 24% ja kuljetus kaikkialle Suomeen.

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Millennium III Action featuring ABS Carbon Action Parts

Most of our Grand Pianos now feature the Millennium III Action. This Action has been well accepted, as you can see from our success in many of the International Piano Competition throughout the world.

Next, our efforts were put into developing the Millennium III action for Upright Piano. The result is a strong, precise and powerfull action for the new ”K-Series” models.

The Millennium III Action features components made of ABS-Carbon, a new composite material created by the infusion of carbon into our existing ABS Styran. ABS-Carbon is incredibly sturdy and rigid, which allowed Kawai to make the action parts lighter without sacrificing strength. The lighter design makes the Millennium III Action tremendously fast and effortless for the player. The repetition and responsiveness are superb.

Every exacting detail of the action was exhaustively analysed to meet the stringent demands of the skilled pianist. One prime example of this effort was the addition of a microscopic surface texture on the jack at the point where it meets the hammer. The result of this subtle but important change is a dramatic increase in control during pianissimo playing.

New Cabinet Design

To bring out more elegance to the pianos, a new design has been made. Notice the details of the pianos and realise the new wooden design elements. Wood is used to bring out the extra shine to the pianos. Also new shapes for the edges and many more construction details have been changed compared to the previous models.

– Longer Music Rack on all models
– New Soft Fall System
– New Brass Casters (all models). For K-3, 5, 6, 8 models, there will be double casters.

”Soft Fall” Fallboard

”Soft Fall” Fallboard closing system that protects hands, fingers and the pianos finish from the harm that a jarring close may cause.

Non-lead weighted Keys

”We care about our world”. We have changed the weight used in keys from lead to iron.

NEOTEX™ Key Surfaces

NEOTEX offers the smooth, understated texture of natural ivory and ebony … and a semiporous silica-filled surface to absorb the hand’s natural oils and perspiration. It resists cracking and fading over years of use … and is static-resistant to prevent the build-up of unwanted dust. The result is a beautiful, long lasting key surface with exceptional playability.

Mahogany Hammer Mouldings

Mahogany is a superior choice for hammer mouldings because of its high ratio strength to weight. Mahogany hammers are light-weight and extremely responsive.

Tone Release Ports

Boosts volume and improves tonal projection. The openings are inserted in the upper panel mouldings and in the lower panel.

Action: Millenium III
Koskettimet: NEOTEX surface, non-lead key weight adjust
Kansi: Pehmeästi laskeutuva kansi, ”Soft Fall”
Tone spreader: yes / upper and lower panel
Back post: 6
Sound rib: 12
Agraffe: yes
Duplex scale: yes, fore/back
Caster typ: double
Lukko: kyllä
Koko (korkeus x leveys x syvyys): 134 x 153 x 65 cm
Paino: 280 kg